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United States Grand Prix – Austin 2023
United States

Circuit of the Americas

Official FORMULA 1 Tickets for the United States Grand Prix 2023

On this page you can purchase your official F1 tickets for the United States Grand Prix 2023. Order easily online with a wide selection, secure payment and premium customer service.

Attention! Tickets are mainly physical tickets, the price includes shipping.

General Admission

The general admission  gives access to the General Admission areas as indicated on the circuit image. These are the most affordable tickets.

Turn 4 Grandstand

This grandstand is located in the fast “S” corners (sector 1) where the FORMULA 1 cars change direction several times at high speed. Truly spectacular to witness.

The turn 12 Grandstand (topside)

The turn 12 grandstand is located just before a sharp left turn at the end of the back straight (between turn 11-12 – sector 2). From this grandstand, you have a good view of the most logical place where drivers overtake. You can also see the F1 cars braking and entering the angle bend at a relatively low speed. If you want to shoot some nice pictures, this is the place for you. You will probably also witness a number of beautiful overtakes!

Turn 1 grandstand (topside)

This premium grandstand is popular (and pricey) for a good reason: at the top of the hill, this grandstand offers an excellent panoramic view of the track overlooking the long straight (start / finish) and the first corner. There is a big difference in height from the start / finish line to the first corner. As they go up the hill, the cars take a blind corner at low speed. An excellent opportunity for shooting spectacular pictures.

Turn 15 grandstand (topside)

Another premium grandstand, turn 15, is probably the most popular and fastes