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Canadian Grand Prix – Montreal 2025

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

F1 Montreal Tickets for the Canadian Grand Prix 2025

On this page, you can easily and securely order your official F1 tickets. Then you will be present at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal in 2025!

The Canadian Grand Prix is popular among racing enthusiasts for very good reasons. The track is close to downtown Montreal. Ticket prices are reasonable, racing is often action-packed and the atmosphere is fantastic. Street circuits provide a unique opportunity to mix a city trip with a visit to the Grand Prix.

Canadian Grand Prix Ticket Tips

Good to know before buying F1 Montreal tickets or Canadian Grand Prix Ticket packages:

  • No early bird discounts are offered on Canadian Grand Prix tickets;

  • Discounted tickets (approximately 50% off) are available for children aged 11 and under. Children must be accompanyied by a paying adult,

  • Senior citizen, aged 65 or older, receive discounted tickets for the Family Grandstand;

  • On the same Family Grandstand, paying adults can bring their child aged 15 or younger. The tickets have a reasonable price.

  • The grandstands at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve are temporary structures. This means they have hard aluminum boards for seats, so bring a cushion. The only exception is the expensive Grandstand 1 seats opposite pit lane. These seats also provide back support.

  • Apart from the most expensive Platine Grandstand, all grandstands are uncovered. Keep an eye on the weather forecast throughout the weekend.

  • All grandstands (except for #46 and #47) have a large TV screen in front so you can follow action elsewhere on the track,

  • We do recommend a grandstand seat. This is because the general admission areas of Ile Notre-Dame are quite flat. So it is difficult to find an elevated position to keep track of all the action. Especially on Sundays when the track is at its busiest.

Which grandstand seats would we recommend in Montreal?

  • Grandstand 1. This grandstand locates at the start-finish line, opposite to the pitlane. Therefore, it is ideal for first time visitors. It is also perfect if you want to witness pit action, race build up and podium celebrations.

  • Grandstand 16. Positioned on the straight next to Grandstand 1, it offers a good view of the last bend. Known as ‘the wall of champions,’ it provides a clear view of the pit lane.

  • Senna Curve (Grandstands 11 and 12). Situated at the Senna Curve, these grandstands offer some of the best views of the Circuit. With plenty of on-track action, especially early in the race, these stands give a thrilling experience. Opt for a section close to the other grandstand for the best views.

  • Hairpin Bend (Grandstands 15, 21, 24, and 34). Grandstand 15 is advised for the best view of the hairpin bend. These stands offer a fantastic atmosphere. Also, the proximity to the metro station minimizes walking distance to the Grand Prix.

  • Grandstand 31 (Turns 8 and 9). A popular choice! This grandstand at turns 8 and 9 provides exciting action throughout the weekend. In 2023, it was the location of an incident involving George Russell, adding to the drama. You’ll also have a great view of cars approaching from turn 7.

On a budget to the Canadian Grand Prix?

Consider the family grandstand experience with seats in Grandstand 32 and 33. These are positioned on the outside of turn 6. While not the prime spots on the circuit, these grandstands offer significant benefits. Especially if you have children under 15 and seniors (65+) in your group.

For a more economical option, Grandstand 46/47 provides a decent view. This is located just after the hairpin on the straight. But it is important to note that there is no access to a large TV screen from these stands.

General Admission tickets

General Admission tickets are a cost-effective choice, but you won’t have the best view. The grandstands occupy the best vantages points of this circuit. So with a general admission ticket, you will find yourself squeezed between stands. Or you will be watching cars speed along the many straights of the circuit.

Some reasonable viewing points near certain stands exist. For example the elevated sides of Grandstand 24 or the areas between and in front of stands 11 and 12. However, arriving early is crucial to securing a good spot. While the straight stretch behind stand 31 provides shade, it lacks a view of a large screen.

Do you need any assistance with your order? Simply call Race Experience ticket professionals on +31 50 205 78 01. Or contact us via the online form found on this page.

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Canadian Grand Prix
13 – 15 June 2025
Session Day Time (GMT/UTC)
Free Practice 1 Friday 18:30 – 19:30
Free Practice 2 Friday 22:00 – 23:00
Free Practice 3 Saturday 17:30 – 18:30
Qualifying Saturday 21:00 – 22:00
Race Sunday 19:00 – 20:00