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Brazilian Grand Prix – São Paulo 2024

Interlagos Circuit

Official FORMULA 1 Tickets for the Brazilian Grand Prix 2024

On this page you will soon be able to order your official F1 Brazil tickets for the Brazilian Grand Prix 2024 São Paulo. in

Ticket Tips (2024)

Useful information before buying your F1 Brazil tickets:

  • Children under the age of 5 are not admitted to the circuit.
  • There is no discount for children. Children between 5 and 12 years old can only access the circuit in the presence of an adult. Please note: children must also have a ticket.
  • There are plenty of food and beverage outlets on the circuit. A special pass is used on the circuit, which you can use to make purchases. This pass is available on the track.

Information on the grandstands

Below you will find the most popular F1 tickets (valid from Fri-Sun) for the Grand Prix of Brazil – Sao Paulo.

Grandstand G and Q

The most economical grandstand option is Grandstand G. This is still labeled as Grandstand Q on the map. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for those on a relatively modest budget. The grandstand overlooks the straight stretch between turns 3 and 4. It offers a prime vantage point for witnessing numerous overtaking maneuvers. It’s fantastic to immerse yourself in the enthusiastic atmosphere of Brazilian fans.

Grandstand A

Grandstand A stands out as an exceptional choice. You will have a commendable view of the third sector of the circuit. You will receive much worth for your money. Hence, this is great for individuals with budget constraints.

Grandstand M

Grandstand M is situated at the end of the straight and provides a good view of the pit lane and start-finish. Anticipate witnessing thrilling overtaking maneuvers in the Senna S. Is your budget slightly more flexible? Then, Grandstand M is our recommended top pick.

Grandstand B

Grandstand B, also situated along the straight at the start-finish. It is relatively expensive, even though snacks and drinks are most of the years included. Please note: we are awaiting the confirmation for 2024. Even so, it remains an excellent choice for a prime view of start-finish and pit stops. However, for a focus on on-track action, Grandstand M is advised.

Grandstand R

Grandstand R is positioned after turn 3. It offers an ideal perspective for observing on-track action, including a view of the Senna S. While it comes at a higher cost than the neighboring Grandstand G, the added coverage contributes to its price.

Grandstand D

Grandstand D lies at turn 1. Here, you will have a spectacular view of the race’s start. This grandstand promises a high level of on-track excitement. That is due to frequent overtaking maneuvers. As the most expensive grandstand at the circuit, it is a worthwhile investment if you can afford it.

Grandstand H

Grandstand H locates at turn 2 (Senna S). It provides a clear view of turns 2 and 3, offering excellent value for its price. Therefore we highly recommend this Grandstand!

Grandstand N

Grandstand N lies on the inside of turn 3 between grandstands H and R. It offers a balanced view. It provides less coverage than grandstand H. But it is still better than grandstand R. This grandstand is an exceptional choice for its price. And we strongly recommend it!

Grandstand PT

Grandstand PT is nestled between Grandstand B and Grandstand M. It offers a dual advantage with a good view of start-finish and turn 1. Unfortunately, PT is one of the pricier grandstands on the São Paulo circuit. Looking at the price-quality ratio, we find Tribune M a better alternative.

VIP Packages

We also offer two VIP packages (besides F1 Experiences packages) for the Brazilian Grand Prix this year.

Orange Tree Club

The Orange Tree Club offers a view of a very challenging part of the circuit. You have a view of a turn to the right with cars racing past the slightly ascending part at full speed.

You can expect the following:

  • A daily buffet with hot and cold sandwiches, fruit and sweets;
  • Open bar with soft drinks and beer from 11:00;
  • Friday and Saturday pit lane visit at set times;
  • Three-day access with separate tickets for each day;
  • Professional security personnel;

Interlagos Club

From this beautiful location you will see the cars accelerating out of Turn 5 before racing up the hill. Due to the elevation changes of the track, you will also be able to see part of the impressive third sector.

You can expect the following:

  • A daily buffet service (breakfast and lunch).
  • Every day from 11:00 am an open bar with beer, wine, champagne and whiskey.
  • Daily pit lane visit at fixed times.
  • TVs.
  • Three-day entry with separate tickets for each day.
  • Professional security personnel.
  • Entertainment area with FORMULA 1 simulators.