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F1 Brazil 2023 – Red Bull Racing Paddock Club™ Hospitality

F1 Brazil 2023 – Red Bull Racing Paddock Club™ Hospitality

Ultimate Race Experience – Enjoy the ultimate VIP experience in the Red Bull Racing Paddock Suite!

Included in this package:

  • Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Suite (3 days)
  • VIP Hospitality
  • Unique VIP activities on the track
Brazilian Grand Prix – São Paulo 2023

Interlagos Circuit

03 - 05 november 2023

Order your Red Bull Racing Paddock Club ™ tickets for the Brazilian GP 2023 here. Enjoy a great weekend and get closer to the Red Bull Racing team than ever before. Let yourself be pampered with delicious dishes, drinks and unique VIP activities at Interlagos.


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Red Bull Racing Paddock Club tickets F1 Brazil 2023 – from 3 to 5 November 2023.

This autumn you can experience a unique F1 experience on perhaps Max Verstappen’s best circuit. Then treat yourself today with the purchase of exclusive Red Bull Racing Paddock Club tickets and become part of the Austrian team. As a guest of the team, take a seat in the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club where hospitality and luxury are of paramount importance. You can enjoy an open bar, an exclusive look behind the scenes and other VIP activities at Interlagos.

Red Bull Racing Paddock Club tickets F1 Brazil – What to expect?

During the GP weekend you will be present as a VIP guest in the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club at Interlagos for three days (Fri to Sun). Here you will experience an unprecedented level of hospitality, delicious dishes and an open bar with the best drinks and Red Bull cocktails. From the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Suite*** you can enjoy a great view of the track, start-finish and pit lane.

In addition to the fantastic views of the track, you can of course also watch the racing action on the high-definition video walls in the luxury suite. During the daily Paddock Club™ Pit Lane Walks through the pit lane* you can see the teams at work during the GP weekend. You will also take part in a garage tour at the Red Bull Racing team and there will be a meeting with a driver or other important team members. So all the ingredients are there for a great F1 weekend

Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Tickets F1 Brazil 2023 – Products Included:

Included in this Red Bull Racing Paddock Club ™ package are the VIP tickets for the Red Bull Racing Paddock Suite (3-day) at the impressive Interlagos. Red Bull Racing Paddock Club tickets include premium hospitality, exquisite catering and unique VIP activities on the track and in the Paddock Club. In addition, you will receive a cool goodie bag from Red Bull Racing with official merchandise. VIP parking is available on request and subject to availability.

You can order these Red Bull Racing VIP tickets for the GP of Brazil – Interlagos 2023 by clicking on the green order bar in your screen. First select the desired package and the number of people before continuing.

Highlights of the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club package for the Brazilian GP*:

  • VIP access to the Red Bull Paddock Club Suite** during the Brazilian GP;
  • Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Hospitality including world class catering;
  • Unlimited enjoyment of the tastiest drinks;
  • Paddock Club Pit Lane walks (daily);
  • Red Bull Racing garage tour (1 day);
  • Team Appearances; meet drivers, team members and F1 insiders (1 day);
  • Red Bull Racing Team Gift Bag.

Tickets F1 Brazil 2023 – to be booked separately:

  • VIP parking available on request.

Tickets F1 Brazil 2023 – your guarantees**:

  • No hidden costs;
  • The price shown includes VAT, (tourist) taxes and surcharges;
  • Price shown includes service and administration costs;
  • Book safely and securely via a secure website;
  • Personal and expert advice;
  • English-speaking customer service;

* Activities are subject to any local restrictions and are subject to change. In some cases, a virtual session can be chosen instead of a physical session.

** Full ‘branded’ Red Bull Racing suites within the Paddock Club are available at selected races. At other races you will be welcomed in the Club Suite of the Paddock Club. PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Club Suite is included in the Azerbaijan, French, Austrian, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Brazilian and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Practical travel information

Travel documents

A valid Dutch passport is required. The document must be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Brazil and contain at least one blank page.


A visa is not required for a tourist stay of up to 90 days. Please note: the information regarding the validity of passport and visa is subject to change. Always consult the latest information via the Mexican Embassy in The Hague – reachable by phone at (+31) 70 360 2900.

Traveling with minor children

Children need their own travel document. An addition to a parent’s passport is no longer valid since 2012.

Within the Schengen zone, it is advisable (not mandatory) to bring a copy of the passport of the parent(s) not traveling with you, together with a permission form, this can prevent delays during checks. Outside the Schengen area, the rules are often more extensive. More information and the consent form can be found at

Mains voltage and sockets

The official type of sockets in Brazil is type N (standard NBR 14136), which is almost exclusively used in Brazil. These sockets have three round holes and are earthed. They are often also suitable for the type C flat plug known to us. However, always pay attention to the voltage, which in Sao Paulo is equal to 127 V.


Bring light, cotton or linen clothing. A raincoat or poncho can come in handy during a downpour. Also pack a (fleece) sweater or cardigan for the cooler evenings. For the entertainment venues and more expensive restaurants, smart clothing is required.

Absolutely necessary are sunglasses, (sun) hat or cap and good sunscreen.


The official currency in Mexico is the Brazilian Real (BRL) – often depicted as R$.

At the time of writing, one euro will earn you R$ 5.50. View the current exchange rate here.

Debit card

Debit and credit cards are accepted in many places, but not everywhere.

Brazil has sufficient ATMs and a reasonable number of payment terminals in the cities and tourist areas; outside of that, the number of vending machines is small.

Please note that ATMs are often located in areas that are closed for security reasons in the evening and at night

Using a debit card is usually cheaper than using a credit card. If the bank or credit card company charges a fixed amount per transaction, frequent use of a debit card (both debit card and credit card) is not recommended for small amounts.

There is usually a limit per day; the limit can be adjusted by the bank or credit card company on request. Please note: banks disable their bank cards for use outside Europe as standard to prevent misuse. On request, the bank activates the card.


Serviço or service charge is stated separately on the hotel or restaurant bill. A small tip is appreciated.

You can round up the amount for taxi drivers.

Chambermaids, doormen and guides also expect a small tip.

Brazil Customs Rules

Read here more about the rules of customs in Mexico.

Drinking water

Only bottled water and tap water in hotels that are clearly marked as drinking water can be used safely. For example, if you want to wash fruit or vegetables with tap water, you must first boil the water.


Only eat well-cooked meat and fish, cooked vegetables and peeled fruit.


Vaccinations are not mandatory for Brazil – however, a DTP vaccination and protection against hepatitis A are recommended.


Wear protective clothing and use an insect repellent, preferably with DEET, on exposed skin. Also use a mosquito net to sleep under.


Up-to-date information about security risks abroad is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via, via Twitter @ 247BZ and via the Foreign Affairs travel app

Important phone numbers

Emergency numbers in Brazil:

Police: 190
Ambulance: 192
Fire Department: 193

The area code in Brazil is +55

Dutch Consulate

Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1779 – 3rd floor
Jardim Paulistano
01452-001 Sao Paulo SP

This travel advice has been carefully compiled. However, you remain responsible for your own health and safety. Race Experience does not accept any liability as a result of using the above advice.